Email Issues!

Technology is not my forte! I tested the email account and it worked!

Just yesterday, I was made aware that a special someone sent me an email and she found it odd that I didn’t respond. Emotions expressed in support of this next step, insisting she was inspired by my courage, offering assistance at engagements if necessary. (Oh my, that is a thought that hasn’t crossed my mind. Thank you Lord for the instructions not to think too far ahead. i.e. JustDoToday) My heart sunk and my thoughts stopped. These were words I didn’t receive. Immediately knowing, I had an email outage.


Just for a moment, while sitting with Susan, near the sanctuary, I was poised for a meltdown. How many emails did I miss? Will I be able to retrieve what was there? What will they think because I didn’t respond?

This time, wisdom warded off those wearisome thoughts. Instead, I chose to simply press in and persevere. Move forward and have faith. Knowing this purpose that has been instilled inside of me is far more powerful and surpassing than any earthly issue that can arise!

After three hours of technical support, resolving issues I couldn’t address on my own my communication issued have ceased! is a working email address.

Alas, if you have emailed me in the past, please resend and I will respond this time.

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