Not Writing but Recording …

After many months of writing it was neat to wrap up 2016 with my very first radio recording.

After reading one of my blogs entitled “From a Woman Who Never Thought She’d Smile Again“, Vickie Petz Henderson from “My Journey of Faith Radio” invited me to do an interview on her show.

Yes, I was nervous, but agreed anyway. Once again, by stepping away from my comfort zone, I was blessed with a rewarding experience.

God continues to stretch my faith by asking me to step away from what feels safe.

Actually what I thought would be a prickly and painful step backwards, actually turned out to be an awesome and inspiring look at how I have been carried and comforted.

Thank You Vickie Henderson for the opportunity to share my testimony with your listeners!

My Journey of Faith Radio



Vickie Petz Henderson – Facebook



2 thoughts on “Not Writing but Recording …

  1. Liz, what a beautiful interview . The thrill and excitement in your voice as you talk about Jesus and His power to get you through each painful and difficult emotion is so powerful. I am so proud of you my friend. I an in your balcony praying for you and cheering you on. I love you. Pastor Carol


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