Go Grace!

This is such a great reason to get back online. When you see a young woman stepping out in faith an answering God’s call on her life it is simply to incredible not to share!

At present Grace Valentine is a college student at Baylor University and an active blogger ( Grace Valentine – ENOUGH ). I am sure she is involved in many other activities, but in my mind those two things put together, constitute a full-time commitment.

However, about a year and a half ago Grace contacted me and asked for an interview.

“WHAT?”, I replied! My reaction was of surprise because, I simply had no idea what she was up to! Through excited phrases and short explanatory sentences, Grace revealed she was writing a book! “WHAT,” I replied again! “Aren’t you busy writing papers for professors,” I jokingly but impressively added.

Grace was quick to acknowledge her craziness, but she was more adamant about capturing her commitment and love of Christ. She went on to testify to me that she felt called to record in writing her young adult life and how the world attempts to tell females her age they aren’t enough. Obviously, Grace has a different message to share!

Grace was reaching out to me because of her friendship with Samantha. She and Sam were in St. Timothy Youth Group together and became fast friends. Grace was close to Samantha at the time of her death and Grace’s spiritual journey was affected by the loss.

Grace and I have had many conversations since Samantha’s accident. As well, we have traveled the to the village of Kui, Kenya together and shared in times of worship. Our space to communicate was open and honest. We knew each other well and trusted in our relationship because of Jesus.

So, Grace asked questions and I answered; she inquired about my faith and I tried to be forthright about what I believed, she examined my experience and I did my best to share the circumstances, she interrogated about the accident and I revealed what happened and she gave me the third degree about what helped and I let her know it was God that brought the healing.

Another year later, Grace Valentine is a published author, at the dynamic age of 21. (Grace you look great in pink!)

3202018 Grace Valentine.PNG

Her book, Am I Enough?: Embracing the Truth About Who You Are, will be sitting on bookshelves by mid-July.

Grace has an incredible message to share with women about our self-worth. It is one rooted in Christ’s love for us NOT what the world tells us we are worth.

I encourage you to join Grace on her journey!!! You can pre-order her book now on Amazon:

P.S. – Samantha in her sassy ways would be so excited to know a bit of her story is shared in Chapter 21.

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2 thoughts on “Go Grace!

  1. What an amazing young woman. I am excited for her book and I have pre ordered it for my own three daughters! Thinking it may also be the perfect graduation present for our lifegroup girls!


    1. Absolutely!! That is a fantastic idea And, it offers the perfect message the lifegroup girls need to hear before they head off on their next life adventure, be it college, work or whatever!


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