Spreading The Good News of the Gospel

Well, it has been awhile, but now it its time to get back to the work of spreading The Good News of The Gospel.

Last night, I did a trial run with Brooke, Melissa and 8 other gals kind enough to come and listen to my message. We gathered in Brooke’s uptown apartment, shared snacks and I stood behind a parsons chair using it as a makeshift podium. We rehearsed three scheduled sessions and spent over 4 hours together. I appreciate the attendees sacrifice as most of them were dental school students with a limited amount of free time. Studying is usually at the top of their to-do list.

After an evening together,  they gave me a thumbs up, assured me others would see the face of Christ in my story and encouraged me to continue on my journey.

Because of their support it is easy to share that I’ll be heading to the Dallas area for the first weekend in April. It is here that I will shakily climb the steps, to stand on a stage and once again sing my praises to the One who saved me.

And who knows, if lives are transformed and hearts are touched at this ladies retreat, maybe the Lord will send me to another group to share with.

As for now, the message is prepared, the green light was given and what is needed is prayer. Please keep this retreat and the ladies attending in your thoughts and conversations with Jesus; asking Him to open the eyes and hears of all who will travel to Camp Compass in Denton, TX during the first weekend in April.

Coppell Bible Fellowship – I’m comin’ at ya!

coppell 2

coppell 3



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