Meet Elizabeth

With a personal testimony to share of her own, Elizabeth is passionate about helping bring hope and healing to those who have suffered loss by sharing her personal journey and the life-changing promises found in God’s word.

Five years after the accident that claimed the life of her precious 12 year old daughter, Samantha, Elizabeth is ready to help others gently navigate through the trials of life.  Her honest approach on how to heal will bring hope to all who suffer through symptoms of grief. Elizabeth’s story demonstrates God’s promises of mending the brokenhearted, as He provided divine comfort, inspiring her to pursue a fulfilling life after profound loss.

As a professional speaker and trainer, she has been called upon to share this message of faith and trust in the midst of tragic circumstances to a growing number of women’s events, church gatherings and school classrooms. When doing so, Elizabeth sees the fulfillment of scripture manifest in her own life. Therefore, bringing peace and a sense of completion to her own suffering. As well, as she retells her intimate journey with Jesus Christ her audiences receive the same wisdom and wise council to apply to their own lives.

It is this spiritual interpretation of our earthly circumstances that Elizabeth feels called to share. Whether through writing, speaking, counseling or simply sharing one on one, she aspires to fulfill a mission that has been placed upon her heart. And that is, simply put, to


By Inspiring Others through Personal Experiences

By Sharing a Realistic and Holy Way of Recovery

By Offering Hope that Healing can Happen for Those that Seek to Peacefully Deal with their Struggles and Scars

By Offering Affirmation that God Fulfills His Promises

By Providing Proof that Scriptural Truths Continue to Unfold in Current Reality

By Witnessing that God is Alive and Active in our World

By Teaching How to Interpret Circumstances and Other Actions with Spiritual Eyes and Ears 

























6 thoughts on “Meet Elizabeth

    1. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
      Matthew 6:34


      1. I just signed up for this list, but I’m not sure yet this is where I belong. I just found you. It is 1:30AM here and I can’t sleep because of worry and grief. I am a Christian and I am hanging on by a thread, which must be my faith. I’ve joined Al-anon, SA-non, NA-non, and Celebrate Recovery at my church. I am seeing a therapist. I am reading every book I can get my hands on trying to wrap my head around all of this. (My 26 year old married son checked himself into rehab on May 1st .) But I have come to realize,( and I am so thankful he is still alive… please don’t get me wrong and try to understand) , that I am grieving a deep grief for the loss of innocence, the hopes and dreams I had for him, and the knowledge that this will be a forever, and ever struggle/journey that we will all be on. I pray for God’s comfort tonight… to settle my soul… for rest.


      2. Vicki,

        Of course you are grieving the loss of many things, innocence, hopes and dreams and at the same time standing in gratitude for other things. The swirl of emotions can be overwhelming. I have experienced them, all of them, at the same time myself. That is why, the Truth, the Word of God is so important and vital to our stability during the storms of life. Cling to God’s Word, lean on it, believe in it and trust in it for it is the ROCK we stand upon. I invite you follow the link “My Walk With Thee” and read through some of my older blogs when the winds were howling in my life. Surely, I can say to you, my faith in Jesus Christ has sustained me thus far. Thank you for stopping by, I welcome you to linger awhile and may you be healed and helped through my testimony and love of Jesus Christ.


  1. This is beautiful! God Bless you! You have so much to share in your new career. Thank you for sharing it with all of us!
    Libby Cole


  2. Liz, You’re a blessing & God’s angel. I’m so happy I met you ! You’ve helped me & so many. Thank you ! 💟😊💚
    God bless, Maria


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